Have we forgottenthem?
Those forced to leave our country after the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight: 200,000
Have we forgottenthem?
Hungarians deported to Soviet forced labour camps: 700,000
Have we forgottenthem?
Our compatriots executed after 1945 for political reasons: 700
Have we forgottenthem?
Our compatriots imprisoned after 1945 for political reasons: 70,000
Have we forgottenthem?
Communism claimed the lives of 100 million worldwide

Among the totalitarian systems of the 20th century, communism has proved to have the longest lifespan. Despite all the changes it underwent, the dictatorship that took shape in Russia in November 1917 retained its anti-democratic, anti-human features until its final collapse. The number of victims it claimed is put by international research at around 100 million, but without exact numbers our best assessment can be no more than an estimate. Many chapters have yet to be explored, because the uncovering of the crimes committed in the name of communism and – using the tools of historical research – the processing of data related to the various one-party state dictatorships could only begin after the collapse of the Soviet empire and the anti-communist revolutions in Eastern and Central European countries. Communist propaganda, which poisoned public attitudes in both the West and the East for more than half a century, is still having an impact today.

The Institute for Research of Communism is an organisation forming part of the Foundation for Research on Central and Eastern European History and Society. Its primary task is to explore and present the history of the totalitarian system of ideas that emerged in 1917 as a force for state organisation. Its fundamental objective is to collect and expand the results of research on communism. In order to restore the traditional and positive values of our European culture after the immense destruction wrought by "international socialism" and the lies it spread through every area of life, we must first begin our exploratory work by using the tools of historical research.

This is the work that the Institute for Research on Communism has committed to undertake.


Mária Schmidt




14 May 2024

Communism, the communist idea, was based on the most ignoble instincts of the people, said the Director General of the House of Terror Museum and the Institute for the Research of Communism at the award ceremony of the video competition named after the temporary exhibition "It takes a great ideal to produce a great crime!" in Budapest on Monday.


10 May 2024

The Central and Eastern European region is unique, because it has experienced both totalitarian dictatorships.

International conference held at the Embassy of Hungary in Tirana with the participation of the Institute for the Research of Communism

10 May 2024

An international conference was held with the participation of the Institute for the Research of Communism at the Hungarian Embassy in Tirana on Friday, where the focus of the discussions was on the dictatorial measures of the Central and Eastern European socialist regimes, historian Rajmund Fekete, director of the Institution, told MTI on Friday by telephone.


26 March 2024

Back to the past? Tito Nostalgia in Slovenia was the topic of a lecture by historian Jože Dežman, head of the Commission of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Concealed Mass Graves, at an event organized by the Institute for the Research of Communism. The event was opened by Mária Schmidt, Director General of the House of Terror Museum: "Tito was a tried and tested comrade of the Soviet secret service, who made the world believe that he was at the head of an 'open' state and built up a false nimbus about himself that must be abolished once and for all. Historian Jože Dežman compared the communist dictatorship to the Chernobyl explosion, the effects of which are still being experienced today.


Back to the past? Tito-nostalgia in Slovenia

25 March 2024 (Monday) 4 PM

Is communism not disappearing, but just being transformed? Is the abolition of the Memorial Day for the Victims of Communism in Slovenia a step towards erasing the past? Is Western Europe deliberately turning its back on the horrors of communism? If you want answers to these questions, join the upcoming event hosted by the Institute for the Research of Communism!


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